12 Jun

Choosing a mattress : 8 questions to make the right choice

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Sleep, glorious sleep!

March 19th, 2016

Snooze, take a catnap, catch a few winks, sleep like a baby—there are so many ways to talk about sleep. Probably because it inspires us and makes us happy! On March 18 the international community is going “under covers” to celebrate the world’s most blissful state with World Sleep Day. Another great opportunity to talk […]

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Valentine’s Day in bed—Yes, please!

February 11th, 2016

February 14… a holiday mysteriously dreamed up by some store that sells cinnamon hearts to celebrate love. But this year, what if we set aside our preconceived notions about Valentine’s Day—about how it’s “gotten too commercial” or how it’s pointless “because we celebrate love every day.” What if we even embraced it? No matter what […]

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Foam vs. spring: What’s the best mattress for me?

January 17th, 2016

With so many mattresses out there, buying a new one can be a pain in the neck! At Fleep, we know it’s impossible to find the perfect mattress in only a few minutes, so we decided to share some of our best advice. Read on for handy tips on choosing the perfect mattress for your […]

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The ultimate guide to the perfect nap

January 8th, 2016

Adored by some, denigrated by others, napping is always a good idea in our humble opinion! This ancient art is a venerable tradition in countries such as Spain, and an activity you can enjoy wherever—and mostly whenever—you want in places like China. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips that will have you enjoying […]

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How to give jet lag the boot!

November 16th, 2015

Running to make that connection, trying vainly to catch a wink in those cramped airline seats, hoping your luggage won’t get lost… Traveling can be pretty intense. And jet lag just makes everything more complicated! So to help you make the most of the first few days of your trip, read these awesome tips on […]

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5 Songza playlists to fall asleep to

November 16th, 2015

Technology has transformed our relationship with culture. And music—which is more accessible than ever—is the perfect example of how much things have changes. Although there are many music streaming platforms, Songza remains in a class of its own. Launched in 2007, this web service has something for everyone, with an incredibly eclectic selection of music […]

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