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Delson, QC

Garanteed value

Great quality for the price. I have not slept that well for a long time 😀

St-Liboire, Qc

Mattress really comfortable

We tried both sides and concluded for the soft side of the mattress. The choice of two comfort levels removes the unknown of buying a mattress online. Thank you!

Laval, Qc

This is just really simple

The purchase of our Fleep mattress has just been easy and we have been sleeping very well since it was installed in our room.

Montréal, Qc

A mattress that makes us dream!

We took the time to try the mattress on both sides with my boyfriend and my puppy. Then, we unanimously chose the memory foam on the soft side. It supports the back properly and it resumes its shape every day. We recommended it to our friends who soon moved into their new home.

Rosemère, QC

Firm in every sense of the word!!!

Super happy with the quality of your mattress.
Thank you !!

Tiny, ON

Great Mattress – Easy Transport

We bought this mattress for the cottage, because of the compact way it ships it was easy to transport a queen size mattress in a hatchback car. For the first month or so we slept directly on the floor on the soft side. Found it super comfortable when we put it on slats and elevated off the ground, and switched over to the firm side. The firmness is just right, it’s soft but supportive. I prefer sleeping on this mattress vs. my older Obusform at home. Would definitely recommend this mattress.

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