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Average score
Angus, On

Wish we had bought one 10 years ago.

We got our new mattress very quickly, read the instructions, we let it air 24 hours, we had detected no order anyways. Then we tried the firmer side first for about 10 days, and then decided to flip it and try softer side. In our case we prefer the soft side. We both are getting better sleep and we don’t feel each our moving around on the bed at night, it’s GREAT!!

In our case we used the box spring bottom for the mattress, but we bought a 4×8 piece of plywood, 5/8″ ,good on one side. Had the hardware make 2 cuts of the board to make it fit the top of the box spring exactly, and then we put the Fleep mattress on it and this works perfectly and gives the mattress the solid base that is required. Also safed us a few bucks so we did not have to buy a new base.

We are glad we could find a well made Canadian product, after looking at the American ones that are advertised everywhere. The only complaint/ recommendation we suggest that Fleep advertise much more than you do now as we only came by the Fleep name and ad by accident. The USA mattress ad’s are everywhere.

You have a great product, put the ads out there Fleep.

Smithers, BC

Best sleep in a long time!

We ordered a Fleep after my husband complained of waking up in pain daily and realized our mattress was almost 15 years old. He works in construction and suffers from periodic back pain. Although he has taken other measures as well, we are sure that switching our old coil mattress to a Fleep has contributed to his relief. It took about 2 weeks to get used to the feeling of sleeping on a foam surface but now we both love it! We chose the firm side but may try flipping seasonally. The option is a great feature. We love that when one person moves the other doesn’t bounce around. The pillows are amazing! I was constantly scrunching and flipping my pillow all night long and woke many mornings with a sore neck. This pillow is perfect after you get over the initial flat feeling. The only item we didn’t like was the mattress cover – I have yet to find a “waterproof” cover that doesn’t sound and feel like a baby’s crib pee sheet! We are in process of returning it and have opted for a nice quiet cotton one. As with most new furnishings, there is an odour so we recommend letting it air out for a few days before making the bed – smell is completely gone now. Ordering/delivery was fast and so easy to carry up/set up. Sleep issues are likely due to a combo of factors but choosing a quality innovative mattress is no doubt a must towards a healthy good nights sleep. Canadian made, with fewer harmful materials also contributes to this companies 5 star rating for us.

Montréal, Qc

Perfect shopping experience!

Nothing less than perfection for my shopping experience of MY Fleep! Caring and compassionate service, as much online as on the telephone, fast delivery and the mattress is ssoooo comfortable!


Front view of Fleep memory foam pillow

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The Fleep memory foam pillow adjusts perfectly to the way you sleep.

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