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Meet Jason and David, best friends and business partners.

With his MBA, his seven years of experience, and a family history in the mattress industry, David knows that to make a really comfortable mattress, you not only need top quality materials, but also a healthy dose of innovation.

For Jason, marketing holds no secrets. But after a successful 15-year career in the communications business, he dreamed of one day marketing his own products and experiencing for himself the kind of brand success he had helped so many of his clients achieve!


In 2014, the two friends became partners and Fleep was born! The only dual comfort reversible mattress sold online, this 100% Canadian mattress features the two most popular comfort levels, which together satisfy over 95% of the population.

You’re going to love what Fleep has to offer: a simple purchasing process and the pleasure of waking up perfectly rested and refreshed every morning. As for David and Jason, well, they’re happy when you’re happy. Sounds perfect to us!.