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Montréal, Qc

Perfect shopping experience!

Nothing less than perfection for my shopping experience of MY Fleep! Caring and compassionate service, as much online as on the telephone, fast delivery and the mattress is ssoooo comfortable!


Vancouver, BC

This Mattress is Fleepin’ unreal!

Words truly fail me for describing my profound love for this mattress – mostly because I spend almost all of my time on it in deep, refreshing sleep – however I shall endeavor so that anyone on the fence feels more comfortable with making the purchase.

My partner and I set out to purchase the #perf mattress a few weeks ago, but were quickly overwhelmed by the weirdly competitive world of online mattress retailers. We had our work cut out for us, as we compiled a list of 15 or so prospective mattresses from all the big names including Casper, Endy, Amazon, etc. After scouring the web for reviews and information, we determined that Fleep was one of the few mattresses that touted itself as ‘firm’, which is what we were after. Yet even after spending considerable time into researching mattresses, we still felt like we were flipping the coin on this, but Fleep was also one of the best-priced options available.

At any rate, we pulled the trigger….It was delivered across the country within the week in a box that seemed impossibly small for a queen-sized mattress. After taking it from the box and splitting open the packaging, It exploded out like John Goodman’s belt after Thanksgiving dinner.

We’ve only had it for a few weeks now, but our Fleep is legitimately the best mattress I’ve ever had (I don’t have a degree in mattresses but I’ve owned/slept on 7 in my life so I feel somewhat qualified). Every night I’m embraced by a firm and yet supple surface that quickly escorts me to the deepest reaches of REM sleep, which leaves me feeling well rejuvenated each morning when I wake up. I actually find I need less sleep now to feel just as rested.

Finally, I’d like to say that the guy running Fleep is top shelf in my books. Quick to respond to inquiries, and emails promptly when he feels there might be a concern.

The only weakness with this mattress is that the edges of the mattress aren’t incredibly firm, so if you’re one of those weirdos who really cares about that (I’m basing this on all the mattress reviews I’ve read), then this may not be the mattress for you.

Montréal, QC

Soft team

The mattress is very comfortable.
Buying online is easy and fast and the service is excellent.
I recommend FLEEP without hesitation!

Anjou, Qc

Night of dream

Hello, I had a certain fear of buying a mattress online, after trying several mattresses in store, mattresses of all kinds (spring or foam) and those that suited me had not accessible price for me. I went to look on the internet and read several reviews on different mattresses I came across on Fleepbed and a reversible mattress suited me to increase durability so I started with the purchase of a mattress, pillow and mattress protector. Two or three days and delivery arrived with a few friendly words written on the box. Everything was impeccable, first night of sleep without any waking and sleep prolongation. Same thing for the night after. Mattress, pillow, mattress protector , my best purchase! I have no more pain and I sleep like a baby at 64 years old and I get up from the bed in top shape. Thanks to Fleepbed

Carignan, QC

Excellent value for money!

The mattress being the basis of a good sleep, we have no regrets against our purchase of the Fleep!
Affordable price and delivered to the door in just a few days.
We tried both sides and find comfort in each side! We are still divided on the one we prefer. The difference is very remarkable from one side to the other 🙂

Thanks to Fleep and his excellent service!

Trois-Rivières, QC

An exceptional Mattress!

A period of adaptation was necessary at the beginning since the “feeling” quite different from a springs mattress, but we LOVE our Fleep (#teamferme!)
This side is perfectly suited to our initial desire to have a king mattress that provides good support, but not too hard.
We are definitely conquered and very satisfied with our purchase. Moreover, the customer service is truly outstanding !!!!
Note: It’s hard to get out in the morning 😉

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